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Imprint: Penguin Life

Published: 19/09/2019

ISBN: 9780241376058

Length: 288  Pages

Price: £12.99 | $19.99

The Art of Making Memories

Meik Wiking

The third book from the internationally bestselling author of The Little Book of Hygge, Meik Wiking.


Every year, we are given a fixed number of days. Some days pass us by without leaving a trace and some days we remember forever.

Do you remember your first kiss? Or how the first rays of the spring sun feel? Or how about the best meal you ever had?These memorable experiences are characterized by intensity of perception, depth of feeling, or sense of profound significance causing them to stand out in our mind and involve a heightened sense of wonder and awe.

But what ingredients produce these happy memories? Why is it that a piece of music, a smell, a taste can take us back to something we had forgotten? And can we learn to create happy memories and be better at holding on to them?

Combining research on happiness and mnemonics (learning techniques that aids memory retention or retrieval) Meik Wiking explores how peak experiences are made, stored and remembered. Using data and diaries, interviews, global surveys and studies, and conducting real-life behavioural science and happiness experiments, The Happiness Research Institute will answer how we can we create perfect moments. Moments that will go down in history. Moments that will shape who we are.

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